Rules of Procedure

Dear guests, for a pleasant and hassle-free holiday in the guest house “Katerina” we ask you to strictly observe the house rules !!!


Please read the Katerina Guest House terms and conditions carefully. When you make a reservation, you enter into a contractual relationship with Guest House “Katerina” and accept the terms and conditions of the house. For each reservation of the guest house “Katerina”, it is assumed that the guests have read in detail the conditions of use and accept them without exception and without protest and cannot be disputed.

Accommodation and check-out

  1. Check-in and check-out at the guest house “KATERINA” is carried out at the following times:
    – check-in after 15 hours;
    – Release by 11am- make sure you have not forgotten belongings and valuables.
  2. Earlier check-in and/or later check-out possible upon further clarification.
  3. Check-in requirements: ID card/passport. Minor guests (under 18 years) are not allowed to stay without an adult accompanying them.
  4. Only registered guests are accommodated in the guest house “Katerina” and allowed on its territory.

Protection of personal data

  1. Protecting your personal data is important to us. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us by choosing to visit KATHERINA Guest House and we follow the resulting commitments to protect the privacy of the personal information you provide to us, while striving to strictly adhere to the PIPEDA. Your personal data is processed only in connection with the implementation of the established requirements of the Tourism Act. This information will only be used in connection with your booking and will not be presented for any other purpose.

Internal order

  1. Smoking is absolutely forbidden in the guest house “KATHERINA”! It is only allowed in the courtyard and other outdoor common areas of the tourist site.
  2. Pets are not allowed on the territory of the guest house “KATERINA”.
  3. When leaving the tourist accommodation, guests are obliged to leave it in the condition in which they found it when they checked in. Otherwise, an amount will be deducted from the deposit for any damages, uncleaned rooms and utensils during the use of the house, yard, non-compliance with the conditions and rules (section damage or loss item 2).
  4. Customers are obliged to behave in such a way that they do not disturb other customers or damage the prestige and reputation of the establishment.
  5. Illegal or immoral activities – gambling, prostitution, drug use, possession or use of pyrotechnics or dangerous goods, possession or use of firearms and other weapons are absolutely prohibited!
  6. In case of disturbance of public order (loud noise after 23:00) and a signal is given to the law enforcement authorities, the guests of the guest house “KATHERINA” take full responsibility for resolving the case. If the law enforcement authorities impose penalties, fines, acts and other punishments provided for by Bulgarian law, they shall be borne in full by the guests responsible for the violations found.
  7. By their stay, the guests must not cause discomfort to the residents around the house /listening to loud music, use of pyrotechnics/ in accordance with. The requirements of Ordinance 6 on environmental noise indicators /2006.
  8. Guests are not allowed to bring and use electric heating appliances and equipment during their stay in the guest house “KATHERINA”.
  9. When leaving the house, guests are required to close the exterior windows and doors of the rooms.
  10. It is forbidden to enter the facility with shoes. Guest House KATERINA offers free disposable slippers for every guest. For your convenience, you may wear your slippers.
  11. The entry of any motor vehicles on the green areas is prohibited.
  12. When using the sanitary facilities in the common and individual rooms on the territory of the tourist site, all the requirements for their use must be observed, as well as not to dispose of waste and non-degradable items in the toilet bowls.
  13. Plucking of flowers and ornamental vegetation is not permitted.
  14. The wood is only used to heat the house. If some guests want a fire for attraction, wood is extra.
  15. No removal or exchange of any property of the Guest Houses shall be permitted without the express consent of the Manager.
  16. In case of gross violations of the internal order of the house, violation of the laws and legal order in the country, damage to the reputation and prestige of the house, the owner has the right to terminate the contract and the stay of the guests!


  1. The number of guests (adults and children) during the stay in the guest house “KATHERINA” must not exceed the number of beds indicated in the booking confirmation. The total capacity of the guest house “KATERINA” is 10 people!
  2. Entry or access to the property may be denied if the number of visitors exceeds the stated requirements and/or the number requested in the reservation.
  3. The owner of the guest house “KATERINA” is not responsible for any accidents with the children of the guests that occur within the tourist site and outside it. Children’s good health and well-being are the responsibility of their parents!


  1. When you request a reservation, we will send an invoice to the e-mail address you have provided, which will include the dates of your stay, the amount due for payment, as well as our bank account for transfer.
  2. In order to confirm your reservation you need to make a payment of 100% of the amount of your accommodation no later than 3 days after your request.
  3. Your reservation is only guaranteed if payment is received!
  4. In case of non-payment the reservation will be cancelled.


  1. Cancellation of a reservation can be made up to 24 hours – without penalty or up to 14 calendar days before the date of arrival – with a penalty of 50% of the reservation amount.
  2. In case of cancellation in the period from the 13th day to the day of check-in, in case of no-show of the tourists on the day of check-in, early departure or shortening of the stay of all or part of the guests on the reservation – no refunds will be given.
  3. Refunds, where due from the Guest House KATHERINA, shall be made within 14 days of the date of cancellation.
  4. For cancellation of a reservation, guests are required to send a written cancellation notice to the guest house “KATERINA” e-mail address –

Additional costs

  1. Utility costs (electricity, water) and tourist tax are included in the rental price. There are no additional fees.

Damage or loss

  1. We require our guests to treat the property of the guest house “KATHERINA” with the care of a good steward. Guests of the house are materially (financially) responsible for any damaged and/or lost property during their stay.
  2. In connection with bad behavior and the increased abuse by visitors, guest house “KATHERINA” applies an internationally recognized model for offering tourist services and requires guests to prepay a deposit of 400 BGN (four hundred leva), this deposit is for possible damage, uncleaned rooms and utensils when using the house, yard, non-compliance with the terms and conditions. The deposit must be paid on the day and time of check-in, in cash, when the guests arrive at the house, for which the corresponding document will be issued. After ascertaining the condition of the property upon guests’ departure, the deposit will be refunded in the event that the property is released in the condition in which it was received. After determining the condition of the property upon departure of guests and determining that there are no violations, damages, damages and/or shortages, the deposit shall be returned in full. This measure aims to continue to offer high quality to our guests, protected from unscrupulous ones. We understand that this causes some inconvenience, but by following the rules of the guest house “KATHERINA”, we guarantee absolute honesty on our part.
  3. Any damage or loss caused during the rental period is the responsibility of the guests. In the event of excessive loss or damage during the rental period, the owner of the guest house “KATHERINA” may require guests to vacate the tourist site without the right to compensation or refund.
  4. The cost of replacing or repairing any loss or damage to the property of the KATHERINE Guest House, including its furnishings, caused during the rental period and the clients’ stay, shall be at their own expense. The value of the security shall depend on the amount of the damage caused and shall be paid in cash at the time or to the bank account of the owner or his representative. The value of the security shall depend on the amount of the damage caused and shall be set off against the deposit paid, paid in cash at the time or to the bank account of the owner or his representative. If the value of the damage is greater than the amount of the deposit, the difference will be paid by the guests. In the event that the refund value is less than the deposit, the balance will be returned to the guest.
  1. When leaving the tourist accommodation, guests are obliged to leave it in the condition in which they found it when they checked in. Otherwise, an amount will be deducted from the deposit.


  1. Guest House “KATERINA” is available for the full use of its guests during the rental period.
  2. The Owner, Owner’s representative, other employees and/or contractors at the Tourist Site shall have the right of unimpeded access to the Property and its facilities – for maintenance, utilities and other additional services requested by guests.

Values and security

  1. All valuables and personal belongings of guests brought on the territory of the guest house “KATHERINA” are the responsibility of the client(s). The owners and representatives of the owners of the tourist accommodation shall not be liable for any loss or damage to property owned by the guests.
  2. In case of open/unlocked windows and doors during the rental period, regardless of whether the guests are on the territory of the guest house “KATHERINA” or outside (on a walk, picnic, etc.), the responsibility for the property is the guests.
  3. Any act or omission of guests that may negate or breach the property insurance and/or result in loss or damage is the responsibility of the customers.


  1. We take every possible measure to ensure our guests have a pleasant and hassle-free stay.
  2. For any problems during the rental period, guests should notify the owner or the owner’s representative, who will immediately try to rectify the problem.


+359 893 51 51 50 – Nikolay Arsenov

+359 893 62 64 62- Katerina Arsenova

  1. It is a condition of the guest’s complaint that it is notified in a timely manner and while the guest is on site. In the event that there are no complaints received during the rental period and the guests’ stay at the tourist accommodation, we assume that the guests are satisfied with their stay and therefore have not lodged any complaints or grievances with the owner of the accommodation.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By confirming the reservation (payment received), all customers declare that they have read and understand the terms and conditions of use of the Guest House Katerina and that they agree with them!

Validated by Nikolay Arsenyov